Hey news!!!!

Since I’m fairly busy with “life things” and I’ve lost a member in the blog, I was wondering if anyone would like to fill up the empty space? Anyone can ask me, I just need someone that will be active and willing to collaborate with me to create new things for the blog. All you need to do is send a message if you want to join! :)

whydontcarpenatem asked: Why is the blog dead?? :(

Good question.

Several reasons:

  1. Was horribly busy with school and pretty much had zero time to do anything related to the blog.
  2. Sometimes we just don’t have any ideas for ‘little things’.
  3. Zilch submissions.
  4. Lazy.

So I’ll try to make a bunch today and dump them into the queue, but submissions would be greatly appreciated if you want to keep this blog going and going.


throughthefireswamp-deactivated asked: This is the best thing on tumblr. I LOVE YOU FOR MAKING THIS, PLEASE ACCEPT THIS VIRTUAL HUG *virtual hug*

Awww, no, it’s not the best.

Yeah, it is actually. THANK YOU!!!!

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