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leslieann1225 asked: this is the greatest blog on tumblr.

Such honour! Thank you very, very much.


bornmiddleaged asked: In the middle of my quest for a shrubbery, I found this piece of heaven. Not more than 3 minutes of scrolling and next-paging later, I clicked the 'Follow' button, content that you'd bring a lot of joy to well-versed Monty Python fans. Thank you so much.

Ha ha, no problem! It makes me happy that you like it so much.

Not only joy to the “well-versed”, but to any Python fan!

we’ve been having a hard time making things though don’t forget to submit stuff to us i’m desperate

Submitted by Anonymous.

Submitted by Anonymous.


We’re still alive, guys! Sorry for not updating as frequently as we used to.

I don’t know about the other owner, but I’ve run out of things to use as a “little thing”…

Do you think any of you could perhaps submit something to us?